Your Recruitment Roadmap Out Of Lockdown

As we look to the year ahead, businesses now have a much clearer picture of how and when we will be moving out of lockdown. The roadmap has been laid down and with it a feeling of certainty and confidence has returned. 

Collectively, we are all looking ahead to the good times to come. Now is the time to start preparing your team for the arrival of the ‘Roaring 20s’ and make sure you have the talent you need to capitalise on new opportunities with our Recruitment roadmap out of lockdown…

Preparing for the good times ahead

The sun is shining and with the coming of spring, there is also the opportunity for new partnerships, growth and profits. Recruitment is a good barometer for how the economy is fairing and we are seeing a dramatic shift in momentum in our industry. Confidence is returning, our clients have had good lockdowns, investment is coming to the UK and in response, more firms are looking to expand their teams and invest in top talent to benefit from compound talent.

If you want to be able to ride the wave and take full advantage of the renewed energy in the economy, you need to get your growth strategy in place now. It’s time to review your talent bench and ensure you are ready to emerge stronger from the pandemic. If that means having a spring clean and getting in some fresh talent, you need to act now.

Rainmaker candidates: Get them before they’re gone

As well as preparing your existing team for this new chapter, it is also the ideal time to snap up top talent. From our extensive network of candidates, we can see that now more than ever the most ambitious individuals are considering their next move. 

It’s not just businesses who are preparing for the opportunities ahead, Rainmaker candidates – those in the top 10% – are also re-energized and ready for a new challenge. The most productive will get snapped up by the competition so you need to move fast. Get the best talent on your team now and get ready to ride the post-COVID wave.

Springtime at Somers Partnership

Here at Somers Partnership, we are also feeling refreshed and ready to take full advantage of the recruitment roadmap out of lockdown. During lockdown, Mark has taken up cycling and completed almost 1000km to date and grown a beard (which is coming off when we go back to the real world). Ginny has been sea swimming throughout winter to prepare for her triathlons, Alice has been mountain biking all over the countryside and Jo has been doing zoom aerobics and taking new team member Indie for long walks.

After taking part in the Reimagining Business course with Goldman Sachs in 2020, we pivoted our business to ensure we are ready to emerge stronger and better able to service our clients’ needs post-Covid. 

Over the last 12 months we have already begun expanding our business to help more clients find their next top candidates. We have been working with firms and Family Offices across the world including the Bahamas, the US and the UK. Our book has also been selling worldwide, we’ve been featured on Angelo Robles podcast and we are creating two SPACs. We helped the Grouse and Grape pivot into a one off virtual event, we moved our office temporarily down to Cornwall for the summer and we’ve all been jabbed apart from our four legged colleagues. 

Take advantage of new opportunities 

We have recently been retained for a very large wealth management business to kick off the ‘Roaring 20s’ and hire them some top talent in investment managers and financial planners, so if you are one or know any, send them in our direction

Take a look at our current opportunities

Everywhere we look there is a feeling of vitality and drive. We are prepped and ready to take advantage of every opportunity the next months and years will bring, are you? Get in touch for our expert help on selecting your next all-star hire and add strength to your talent bench. 

We all have a roadmap out of lockdown: now it’s time to make sure your firm is ready to accelerate. 

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