How To Work For A Billionaire

Mark Somers, Founder of the Somers Partnership has written a book that provides detailed advice for anyone interested in family office careers and the recruitment process for family offices, including:

•   What is a family office?

•   What is the difference between single family offices and multi-family offices?

•   How do family offices recruit and who do they look to recruit?

•   What is life like in a family office?

How To Work For A Billionaire provides an unrivalled insight into working in the family office sector. This book describes the varied and interesting world of family offices, offering practical advice for professionals hoping to find a career in a single or multi-family office.

As an expert recruitment firm, working with the highest level of family office, wealth and investment management professionals, our book offers readers up-to-date and thorough information on how to get hired by a family office and work for a billionaire.

How to Work for A Billionaire Book Cover

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Jonathan Chamberlain

“A must read for anyone interested in family offices. Mark Somers has given us a fantastic insight into their workings and structures and what it takes to make them a success.”

Nick Page

Former Managing Director, Single Family Office

“Essential reading for anyone interested in employment in a single family office”

Rupert Phelps

Family Office Services, Smith & Williamson

"The Somers Partnership combine proven expertise in search with demonstrable integrity. They are rare in having a deep and effective understanding of Single Family Offices, as well as Multi-Family Offices and the wider wealth management sector."

What’s inside “How to Work for a Billionaire”

Are you interested in working in family office but don’t know how to get there?

This is a comprehensive guide to the family office industry and a must-read for anyone interested in working in a family office. Our no-nonsense approach makes this book accessible for readers at every stage of their career, whilst offering valuable insights into this famously secretive sector.

My team and I have spent over a year writing, researching, and sourcing the very latest information for this book, matching our resources with our extensive experience successfully placing candidates within these firms.  Hence, this is a valuable resource for anyone hoping to enter the family office, wealth and investment management sectors, or for those hoping to progress their career in the industry further.

This is a complicated business and we have combined, consolidated and concentrated the advice of a wide variety of family office principals, professionals and expert consultants in making this guide. This book contains original quotes from a range of family office professionals working in the industry today, giving you an unparalleled resource to discover what family offices are really like.

Who is this book for

From exploring the basics of what a family office is to providing details on how and who family offices hire, this book is a thorough examination of the family office industry and everything you need to know.

This book is essential reading for:
1. Professionals interested in a career in a family office For those interested in what it takes to be hired by a family office, this book provides a detailed and thorough background on the professional characteristics you will need to succeed. At the same time, we offer realistic advice on the competitiveness of the family office industry and the importance of making the right connections. This is an indispensable guide to family offices for any professionals considering a career change.

2. Graduates with a basic understanding of family offices
If you’re completely new to the world of family offices, this book provides a detailed and simple introduction to how family offices function and what kinds of roles you can expect to find in a family office. It also goes into details about the steps you need to take to be considered for a position in a family office. It is a comprehensive introduction to family offices for students, graduates and young professionals.

3. Existing family office professionals
Whilst this book is essential reading for family office novices, it also has plenty to offer existing family office professionals. We have compiled quotes from a range of family office teams, providing a glimpse at the variety between family offices. Consequently, it is a useful tool for family office professionals considering moving to a different family office or transferring from a single family office to a multi-family office.

Ian Barnard

Founding Partner, Capital Generation Partners

“This is an important guide for those seeking work in the most interesting of industries”

Bruce Weatherill

Founder, Weatherill Consulting; Chairman, ClearView Financial Media and Wisdom Council; NED, Fidelity Holdings UK and ComPeer

"An interesting perspective of the secretive world of Family Offices from somebody who is an expert in the sector."

About the author

With over 20 years working in the family office industry as a recruitment specialist, Mark Somers has developed a detailed understanding of family offices and what it takes to succeed in a family office. Our team specialises in matching candidates to clients with a key focus on compatibility and shared ambition. Mark has developed a faultless reputation among family offices for his professionalism, expertise and understanding of the candidates family offices need most.

His first book, How To Work For A Billionaire, is a culmination of his experience working in the family office industry, acting as a career advisor to many leading family office professionals and helping some of the most dynamic family offices to find and attract highly talented individuals.

This book is a must-have for anyone interested in working in the family office sector. It is a chance for readers to look inside this famously secretive industry and understand the reality of what it's like to work in a family office.

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