Wealth Management Recruitment

We appreciate that every firm is different and we specialise in wealth management recruitment in order to find the ideal Front Office and C-Suite candidates for every wealth manager we work with. Our rigorous process allows us to assess candidates according to your team's unique needs, helping us find the right professionals to fit your company culture and your clients expectations.

The Somers Partnership Wealth Management Recruitment Process

In the highly competitive wealth management industry, there are sadly all too many candidates who are less than exceptional. Happy to stay in the middle ground, they do only what is necessary to retain their position. These individuals make up a large percentage of many corporate environments but as a specialist wealth management recruitment firm, we are dedicated to offering an alternative to these unremarkable individuals, seeking out only the most capable and driven candidates.

Our wealth management recruitment process is centred on taking each business as a distinct case, aligning our goals with yours in order to find the best candidate. Before beginning the wealth management recruitment process, we undertake a detailed analysis of the company in order to identify key skills gaps. We then use this intelligence to inform all of our recruitment decisions going forward. This highly individualised method helps us to identify the candidates who can build and grow your business and who have the motivation and skillset to excel.

Return on Investment of Effective Wealth Management Recruitment

The Somers Partnership deliver the candidates that every wealth management firm wants to attract: the extremely successful individuals who thrive in a performance culture. We look for individuals with large self-built books who are client-centric and adaptable. These candidates are unafraid of measurement and are hugely profitable, single-handedly making a considerable difference to the success of the firms they work for.

In particular, our wealth management recruitment process removes any candidates who could be damaging to the future of the business, even if it may not appear so at first. Our comprehensive method removes any doubt about the past and personality of every candidate so you can be sure that the individual we recommend is someone you can trust. Our expertise as a specialist wealth management recruitment agency ensures that you have access to the top talent in the industry.

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