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We offer unrivalled access to the most progressive firms in the wealth management industry, helping you find a challenging, dynamic and rewarding role and negotiate your next career move.

If you are a family office, private banking, trust office, wealth or investment management professional, we can help you find your next position with one of the leading firms in the industry. We are not interested in candidates who are happy to exist in the middle ground, afraid to challenge the status quo. We only work with the top 10% of candidates, those who thrive in a performance culture and are always looking for new ways to excel. We can offer you the opportunity to work with some of the most exciting and innovative firms in the industry, gaining direct access to the top positions. Our client list is broad, varied and unparalleled.

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We are actively searching for exceptional candidates

Why Choose Us?

Somers Partnership focuses on matching firms with highly qualified wealth management professionals, looking at the needs of both clients and candidates to ensure the best possible pairing. In doing so, we strive to provide the highest quality experience for our candidates, which is why many individuals work with us throughout their career journey.



We offer candidates direct access to some of the most progressive firms in the wealth management industry and the most exclusive family offices, providing you with a route to success that is open to only a select few.



The Somers process is known for being rigorous and demanding. As a result, only the most competent candidates pass our selection criteria, giving you unrivalled access to the top positions.



With over 20 years of experience in wealth management recruitment, we have built a reputation for excellence that makes us the first choice for firms looking to recruit new talent and you have access to all of them.



We specialise in recruiting outstanding candidates and we are only interested in industry leaders who are highly capable and extremely profitable. We work with individuals, listening to their needs and helping to ensure that they have access to an environment where they are valued and given room to grow.



Working with Somers Partnership is a guarantee that you will have the opportunity to strive for the most exciting positions within the wealth management sector, whilst helping you to negotiate a move that works for you on every level.



We make sure everyone - regardless of their background, ethnicity, gender, or any other factor - feel welcome and supported throughout the recruitment process. As a company, we value diversity and equity. 

Don't just take our word for it

David Rankin

Investment Director

It has been a rewarding journey with Ginny
from Somers Partnership and I would certainly have no hesitation
in recommending others to use their business in the future.

Rob Ioannou 

I didn’t know it at the time but meeting Mark Somers would change my life.  Twenty years ago I was a young private banker working in London, seeking a new professional opportunity.  What I really appreciated about Mark from the outset was that he took the time to get to know me, understand my aspirations and then identity and place me into a role which was exactly what I was looking for.  Fast forward two decades and thanks to that initial meeting I have had the opportunity to grow in leaps and bounds. I have lived and work in the UK as well as in Asia, covered a diverse range of clients, products and geographies, built and run substantial businesses, and now, more recently, developed my own entrepreneurial journey in the family office sector.  Mark’s outstanding industry knowledge, his connectivity to movers and shakers in the private wealth market along with a genuine interest in people, make him an invaluable go-to person for candidates and principals alike.  As I look ahead to the next 20 years I know Mark will continue to be an invaluable resource and counsel, and am delighted to recommend him.

Melanie Griffiths

Head of Client Solutions, Private Weath, Equiom

I was impressed by Somers Partnership's professional approach. They took the time to listen to where I wanted to take my career and were thoughtful about the opportunities they approached me with. They acted as a true executive search firm, matching candidate and firm through a rigorous process. I am delighted with the new role and would not hesitate to recommend Somers Partnership to any prospective employer. They understand the industry far better than many of their competitors and thoroughly test candidates' motivation &  suitability for a role without losing sight of the fact that ultimately personalities must also match. An intricate balance of science and art! 

Anthony Simler

It’s been such a pleasure dealing with Mark, Ginny and the rest of the Somers team.  I first met Mark maybe 10 years ago, and although nothing transpired until now, we always stayed in contact and thankfully so.  Mark and his team are expert at finding the right person for a particular role. I don’t know how they do it, but they clearly have an innate skill at understanding a candidate and an employer, possibly better than they know themselves.   From my perspective as a candidate, the process was at all times, personal, utterly honest, rigorous and respectful.  Thank you.


With tremendous acumen, Mark and the Somers Partnership team have smoothly and assuredly introduced me to a bank which I am in no doubt is the perfect next step in my career. 

It is clear that their wealth management industry knowledge and board level contacts are of the highest calibre, and I endorse their services with confidence.

We recruit for the best

The Somers Process

Our recruitment methods are extremely meticulous to ensure that you are matched with the company that is right for you and where you will have an opportunity to shine.


We use comprehensive, competency-based interviewing techniques to identify the candidates who fall within the top 10%. These are separate from the position-specific interviews and are used by us to gather a complete picture of your competencies and distinct personality.


We excel in matching candidates to firms and only select opportunities where you and the business will be compatible. With this method, you can be sure that you will be interviewing for the positions that align with your career goals, not a randomised selection.


Once you have passed the selection criteria for the business and have been offered the position, we negotiate with the firm on your behalf to ensure you receive the best renumeration package possible. Thanks to our established relationships with many of the leading financial institutions in the UK, we take the uncertainty out of the negotiation process.

What are you waiting for?

Have you ever wondered what it is like to work for a family office? In our new book 'How to work for a Billionaire', Mark Somers gives you exclusive insight into the often secretive world of family offices, featuring advice from our clients, the Principals of family offices and the people who work for them. With chapters on the different roles in a family office and how to secure one, including how to ace the interview process, this is a must read for anyone looking to work in a family office.

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