We Need To Talk About Flexible Working

Backin the 1980s, junior doctors used to work 100-hour weeks in busy, crowded hospitals. They may find time to grab an hour or two’ssleep only to be woken up to their pager demanding their immediate attendance in A&E or in an operating theatre. Would you like to be operated on by someone whose brain is clouded and fuggy as a result of sleep deprivation and constant stress?

Lorry drivers are only allowed to drive for a certain length of time before they are legally required to take a break. Would you like to be driving around the M25 knowing that the lorry that’s in front of you is under the control of someone who has been behind the wheel for 12 hours?

If you had bought into a wealth manager’s experience only to find out later that he or she was making decisions about how to invest your capital after pulling five late nights in a row, would you be imbued with confidence about the way his or her firm does business?

I am sure the answer is no to all three questions. Slowly, things are beginning to change across society, the world of work and in the wealth management sector. How are things changing and is the change fast enough?

Download our latest article We Need To Talk About Flexible Working to find out how flexible working can lead to a diverse, talented and motivated workforce.


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