Private Banking Recruitment

Our private banking recruitment process is unique, both in our knowledge of the sector, our attention to detail and the depth of our research. We provide our private banking clients with unrivalled access to the very best candidates in the industry.

20 Years Experience Private Banking Recruitment

With over 20 years of experience as a specialist private banking recruitment agency, we have developed an intricate knowledge of the industry. This gives us insight into the types of professionals that businesses need to truly thrive. We pride ourselves on having a comprehensive understanding of the talent gaps in the private banking firms that we work with and we use this information to shape our private banking recruitment process at every stage.

Our Selection Criteria

Somers Partnership has designed a unique method for selecting candidates that is unparalleled in private banking recruitment. We know the demands of the industry and the skillset needed to excel. Our process rejects individuals who are less than exceptional. We are solely interested in the top 10% of professionals in the industry, those who consistently go above and beyond what is expected of them.

We adapt our private banking recruitment process according to the needs of each client, taking on board the ethos and goals of your business. As such, we check every candidate against an exhaustive list of criteria to find the best fit for your firm. With our approach you minimise your risk during the recruitment process.

Unrivalled Access To The Best Private Banking Talent

Our reputation in the wealth management and private banking industry provides us with extensive access to the top Front Office and C-Suite talent. Working with us ensures that you have a channel through which to connect with the most capable candidates.

Thanks to our exceptional reputation, we are the trusted career advisor to the best professionals in the sector who come to us for career advise whenever they are looking for a change. We work with individuals throughout their career journey. They trust in our ability to find the best opportunities for them and our clients benefit from this relationship, because you get access to these rainmaker candidates before anyone else does.

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