Private Client Investment Management Recruitment

The Somers Partnership offers private client investment management recruitment that focusses on selecting highly competent investment managers with established books of clients.

A Specialist Private Client Investment Management Recruitment Service

At Somers Partnership, we pride ourselves on our expertise within the highly competitive private client investment management industry. We reject the actions of conventional recruitment agencies whose unfocussed approach is all about numbers rather than individuals. Instead, our personalised service sees each firm as a unique case and we strive to deliver candidates to achieve the best possible match.

Before beginning our search for suitable candidates, we conduct a thorough assessment of the needs of your business, identifying skill gaps and understanding your exact requirements. This enables us to have a clear profile in mind. Using this method, we actively headhunt the best Investment Management professionals for the role, giving you direct access to the top talent in the field. We look for candidates with good investment performance who have built long standing books of loyal clients. 

Our Rigorous Selection Process

All candidates undergo an intensive and individualised interview process that also includes comprehensive reference taking and third-party candidate vetting for successful candidates. This method of private client investment management recruitment is designed to filter out the individuals who are anything less than exceptional. We focus solely on the top 10% of candidates, those who are determined and dynamic with large and loyal books of clients.

These professionals have impressive self-made books and they thrive in a performance culture. Most importantly, they also have demonstrable experience working in a position of trust and can be relied upon to exercise absolute discretion at all times. We do not accept anything less than the most competent candidates in our private client investment management recruitment process.

We Take Time To Get To Know Your Firm

We understand that every firm has its own company culture that suits certain candidates and not others. We excel in matching personalities to placements and it is this level of bespoke service that keeps our private client investment management clients coming back to us time and time again.

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