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The Somers Partnership have been helping firms within the wealth management, private banking, family office and private client investment management sectors to find exceptional talent since 2005. We actively search for the top 10% of candidates who can make a real difference to the profitability and competitiveness of your firm from day one.

Our experienced team are dedicated to providing a bespoke recruitment service tailored to the unique needs of your firm and are adept at helping candidates to recognise their potential and find the ideal next step.

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Mark Somers

Mark Somers has over 20 years' of experience in the executive search industry specialising in the Wealth and Asset Management sectors. He founded the Somers Partnership in 2005, a retained executive search boutique. Mark has assisted a wide variety of clients ranging from single and multi-family offices, private banks, private client investment management companies, trust companies and consultancies. Mark is dedicated to helping charitable causes including the Cure Parkinson’s Trust and has been instrumental in setting up the Grouse and Grape and Gulls' Egg Luncheons, the two largest charity networking events for the wealth management industry.
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Jo Somers

Jo Somers has over a decade of experience in the banking and financial services sector and runs the operations of the Somers Partnership. Every day is different for Jo and can involve everything from attending a strategy meeting, helping a client to decide where they have skills gaps and their ideal candidate profile, to organising invoicing for a new client or drawing up contracts for a new candidate. Jo is integral to the firm and involved in every aspect of the Somers Partnership so you will almost certainly speak with Jo if you decide to work with us.
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Ginny Hutchins

Ginny Hutchins has over 20 years’ executive search experience in Private Wealth Management and Asset Management. She previously worked at The Consulting Group, TMP Worldwide and Hanson Green where she was Head of Private Wealth Management and a Consultant in Asset Management. Ginny joined the Somers Partnership in 2017 and is responsible for matching our talented candidates with their ideal roles in one of the many private banks, wealth managers, PCIM’s and family offices that we work with. Ginny is exceptionally good at understanding our clients' unique needs and seeking out the candidate that can deliver.
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Alice Hunt

Alice Hunt is PA to the team, joining the Somers Partnership in 2010. She has over 20 years' experience in administration and successfully ran her own property management business in south-west London for many years. Alice is famously adept at securing a convenient diary date for multiple C-Suite executives, candidates and the Somers Partnership team, a job which makes the Brexit negotiations look like child’s play! Her unflappable personality and ability to multitask under pressure make Alice an indispensable member of the Somers Partnership team.

Astrid Bek

Astrid Bek is a leading executive search consultant in Switzerland, with over 30 years' of experience. After earning an undergraduate degree in Business Administration and Marketing, she began her career in import/export in the oil industry. Subsequently, Astrid went into marketing and sales for a multinational firm. In 1988, Astrid created her own firm, Astrid Bek et Associés SA in Geneva, which became one of the few search firms in the area to successfully navigate the peaks and troughs of the market over the years.
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Emilie Heaney

Emilie Heaney is a marketing consultant with over 12 years' experience in digital marketing, Emilie has specialised in financial services marketing and now helps the Somers Partnership to ensure we maintain and grow our online presence to enable us to capture the attention of rainmaker candidates before they begin looking for their next move. This enables the Somers Partnership to seek out exceptional candidates that match the unique requirements of our clients, before they enter the job market, whilst maintaining the confidentiality of our mandates.
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Beetle works alongside Milly to ensure the wellbeing of our team, but her speciality is in waste disposal. Never one to shy away from cleaning up after a lunch meeting, Beetle has finessed her snack stealing skills over an entire career and has been known to rob some members of the team of their entire lunchbox undetected. Her favourite part of the day is the morning commute and she has achieved chartered status in warming people's feet during brainstorming sessions.
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Milly has been with the Somers Partnership since day one and is in charge of keeping spirits up and stress levels down. Milly is also our chief of security and is always on hand to offer visitors a warm greeting and a wet nose. Recruiting isn’t easy and making sure our clients have access to the very best candidates can be stressful, which is why Milly does her upmost to make the office a more relaxed, productive and enjoyable place to work.


Indie is the latest addition to the Somers Partnership team and is settling in to her new role very well. She has a nose for sniffing out ideal new candidates and digging into the details of what our clients are looking for. In charge of new markets and our future growth plan, Indie is enjoying learning from Beetle and Milly whilst also trying to teach these old dogs some new tricks. Indie has shown a particular aptitude for data protection and is intent on shredding everything in site (even our shoes) and is sure to be an asset to the team.


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