Lions Led By Donkeys

There are several common themes to the reasons why top performing individuals (Rainmakers) will take steps to leave their current employer, but one root cause; they leave poor managers and join dynamic organisations with vision.

It is the highest performers in any organisation that have the right qualities, skills, determination and vision to be the leaders of tomorrow, yet they often feel suffocated by the stifling influence of the compliance department and the blunt ways that constricting rules are enforced. As a result, they vote with their feet and the best are the first to leave.

As a high performing individual, you may be feeling the same frustrations as other Rainmakers and be looking for another organisation which can recognise your talents and give you free rein to apply them. Fill in the form below to download our guide, Lions Led By Donkeys for top performing candidates now. By downloading the article you are agreeing to our Terms & Conditions  and are opting in to be contacted by Somers Partnership for further news, articles and job opportunities.


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