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How we use micro experiences to secure top candidates

In the recruitment process, candidate experience (CX) can have a significant impact on whether or not someone signs on the dotted line. With competition for top talent currently at its peak, paying attention to the small details in the recruitment process can make a big difference. 

At The Somers Partnership, we know what it takes to help organisations find and retain exceptional talent. As part of our recruitment method, we put candidate experience as one of our top priorities, taking care of every detail to help the process go smoothly for both candidate and client. 

Here’s what you need to know about micro experiences and why they matter.

What are micro experiences?

When you are seeking the highest level of talent in your industry, competition is always fierce. For Rainmaker candidates, the experience of the recruitment process can make or break the final deal.

This is where micro experiences come into play. 

Micro experiences are the critical moments in a candidate’s journey that can dramatically influence their impression of the whole process. They are about recognising a candidate as a human with very real needs, concerns and requirements and doing everything possible to fulfil them.

Unlike macro experiences – which focus on recruitment best practices like making onboarding easy and straightforward – micro experiences are about the smallest details that aim to make the entire recruitment process effortless. For a competitive candidate to say yes, they need to have an enjoyable recruitment journey from start to finish. 

This is where we come in.

Creating micro experiences for candidates

To secure a Rainmaker candidate, the recruitment experience needs to be a priority. We understand that every search is completely different and so, the micro-experiences we offer to candidates and clients are different every time too. 

In every search, we go above and beyond to ensure that both our candidates and clients find the process rewarding, simple and with minimum stress. 

Our micro experiences include:

Arranging Travel

As global search consultants, we have extensive experience recruiting candidates for roles in different continents and timezones. To ensure the recruitment process is as easy as possible for all concerned, we take care of the travel arrangements for all candidates to and from interviews.

Taking care of timings

When arranging interviews, we also consider the candidate and the clients’ need for convenience. We ensure that all interviews take place at the most advantageous time for both parties, including taking into account jet lag and time differences.

For international interviews, we appreciate the influence that sleep disturbances can have on candidates, only scheduling interviews for the times of day when they will be feeling most awake and least at risk of jet lag. Similarly, if the interview is to be conducted online, we ensure that the interview suits both the candidates and client in their relevant time zones.

Appreciating the importance of location

When a candidate is considering relocating for a new role, we recognise that even the accommodation can make a difference in their decision-making process. We take care of all candidates’ accommodation for the duration of the interview process if required. We also go above and beyond, arranging for candidates to spend time getting to know the area where they will be working and living if they take the role.

We ensure that all accommodations will show them the best parts of their new home. For a recent project in Boston, we allocated candidates time to explore the city to give them the opportunity to imagine what it would be like to live there. A unique experience in a new city could be the thing that gets them over the line.

Advising partners and family

For candidates interviewing for an international position, we further appreciate the importance of clear, cohesive guidance regarding family arrangements and the implications that relocation can have for partners and children too. We help the candidate and their partner to understand the opportunities available to them if they move and answer any questions they may have.

We go above and beyond to give candidates and their families peace of mind throughout the process. For a recent candidate interviewing for a role in the Bahamas, we ensured that the partner got advice on the tax implications of their relocation. We have even provided a shortlist of schools in the area when needed and any other small details that can weigh on parents’ minds.

Every candidate is a human with their own emotional and physical needs. At Somers Partnership, we appreciate the significance that these needs can have in securing the top talent for our clients. 

Finding and securing top talent

At The Somers Partnership, candidate experience is always a key priority in the recruitment process. We have a deep understanding of how to win over Rainmaker candidates, making the recruitment process as personalised and effortless as possible. 

Many of our past candidates go on to become future clients or get back in touch when they are ready to make another move, demonstrating that micro experiences can leave a lasting impression on the individuals we work with. 

This is particularly critical for family offices, where candidates are rarely unemployed when they are approached for a role. In order to attract the best Rainmaker candidates, convincing them to move from their current position, uproot their family and even change the country they live in, it is crucial that they have a positive, seamless candidate experience. 

If you would like to discuss how The Somers Partnership’s experienced team can provide a bespoke executive search consultancy service tailored to the unique needs of your firm, please get in touch. 

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