February Newsletter

Newsletter – February 2012

In this edition, we feature articles written by Bruce Weatherill examining the ‘Value of Trust’ (downloadable report), also the Gold Council, where the MD of Investments describes the continuing allure of this precious metal, and Alastair Wood, our very own in-house HR expert offers seasonal advice about dealing with malingering staff in the aptly named ‘Sick of the Sickie’.

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Mark Somers and Adrian Laycock, Partners


The Value of Trust

The Credit Crunch triggered an almost catastrophic loss of trust in the financial services industry to which the Wealth Management sector was not immune. Indeed, given that gaining “Trusted Advisor” status has long been the Holy Grail of Wealth Managers such loss was in many ways even more serious and threatened the very core of their business.  Read more …

Sick of the Sickie?  How to Improve Attendance

As winter tightens its grip, so the number of absences from the workplace inevitably increases. Most absences are genuine but some are not. The short days, cold damp mornings and general gloominess that envelops Britain from November to March often induce the less committed of the workforce to take a “duvet day”.  Read more …

Gold and Tails of the Unexpected

In terms of investment seasons, 2011 saw more than you would expect over several years.The year began with hope.After initially strong market performance early in the year, partly based on the expectation of a return to a more stable growth path for the US economy and resynchronised global economic growth, a number of events led to heightened levels of market volatility which have eroded both wealth and confidence. Read more …

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