Farmergeddon…The death of the complacent wealth manager?

What happens when an organisation fails to recruit and retain a sufficient number of Hunters and talented professionals and finds itself staffed entirely by Farmers?
Traditional wealth management models are under increasing pressure.  Forward thinking leaders are already proactively recruiting professionals with new skills and capabilities and seeking to attract and develop the most productive Hunters from the sector, in order to futureproof their organisations from the risks of Farmergeddon.
‘Farmergeddon’: The destruction of value that occurs when an organisation is unable to attract and retain sufficient numbers of talented leaders and profitable client centric ‘Hunters’ relative to the number of ‘Farmers’ required to create and maintain a sustainably profitable organisation.
In our report Farmergeddon – The death of the complacent wealth manager? we look at 3 important measures an organisation can take to avoid this scenario and maintain service, flair, initiative and inspiration required to serve its clients profitably.
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