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At Somers Partnership, we have 20 years experience of working with Family Offices and we are adept at seeking out the candidates who fit the culture and whose goals align with those of the Principal. We maintain the highest levels of professionalism and discretion at every stage of the family office recruitment process.

The Somers Partnership has become synonymous with family office recruitment and we hear from hundreds of rainmaker candidates looking for their first step in to the world of family offices. Our founder Mark Somers has written a book on the subject.

Our Unique Selection Process

Unlike conventional recruiters, we are specialists and offer a personalised service that involves getting to know your family office, your existing team and your aspirations . In doing so, we are able to find a professional who can deliver your plans over the long term. We hand-pick the very best talent in the wealth management industry, ensuring that you find a professional who can propel your family office forward.

Prior to introducing any candidates to the family, we fully vet every individual using our rigorous family office recruitment process. This eliminates the risk of hiring less than exceptional and potentially damaging individuals, whilst selecting the candidate who will share your aims for the future. These candidates are able to serve intra-generational needs and are fully dedicated to your families long term success.

Actively Seeking Ideal Family Office Candidates

We appreciate the unique skillset needed to excel in the family office sector and we have made it our mandate to seek out the candidates who tick all the boxes. These individuals are extremely capable with a high emotional quotient (EQ), whilst being adaptable. They are able to manage demanding tasks and delicate conversations with all family members across generations, moving between a wide range of different responsibilities with ease.

By prioritising the qualities that make an outstanding family office employee, we help to eliminate those individuals who may look to family offices as a way of settling down and switching off, or who have fallen for the idea of working for a billionaire for all the wrong reasons. Instead, we target professionals who are ambitious and dynamic, able to inject new life into your family office culture. We select the most competent candidates who can be trusted to further the success of the family, even as priorities and Principals change.

Our Family Office Recruitment Service Is Built On Trust

We understand the importance of maintaining complete privacy for your family office and the families involved. We are experts in upholding confidentiality, combining our expertise with the utmost discretion. In conjunction, we only work with candidates who have demonstrated a high level of trustworthiness in the past and we accept nothing less than complete confidence before recommending them.

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