How much should you pay your family office team?

You can find out how family office pay stands across the sector, and how your competitors are compensating their top performers, with your free copy of the 2022 Global Family Office Compensation Survey.

Boosting your talent bench is a precise art. Not only do you need to attract the right candidates, but you must ensure you are offering family office salaries that stand out, as part of a highly competitive package. The same applies to retaining your existing skilled team, as a combination of a market leading salary, bonuses, benefits and long-term incentives will ensure top-performing experts stay within your team. 

At the Somers Partnership we advise family offices across the globe on exactly this. As their trusted family office recruitment specialists we help them understand the local market and the pay packages that will help them attract and retain the very best candidates. 

Data collated by family office compensation experts 

If you are eager to discover what the market is currently paying, we can help. We’ve partnered with US-based family office compensation specialists Botoff Consulting, to launch the 2022 Global Family Office Compensation Survey. It is the very first survey of its kind, focusing on family office salaries, bonuses and benefits, for C-Suite and front office executives and non-executives. 

Gaining access to this reliable and exclusive data will help you determine exactly how much you should pay your family office team. It will allow you to benchmark your own compensation package against your peers, using statistically valid results. 

Access the family office pay data

By taking part in the 2022 Global Family Office Compensation Survey, you will gain access to an early release version of the report. This will enable you to benchmark your compensation against your peers accurately. 

Start the survey and access the data

You can be assured that all results will be strictly confidential. 

If you decide not to take part in the survey, but would like a copy of the report, we will contact you with the results when the report is available. Please register your interest here.

Why the family office compensation survey results matter 

In order to attract and retain the top 10% of senior family office experts, it is imperative that your compensation package stands out. If you are looking to entice candidates from other family offices, or indeed from another role in wealth management, a highly competitive compensation package will be imperative. 

The results of the Family Office Compensation Survey will help you benchmark your current offering against the market, ensuring you stand out when recruiting. 

The majority of family offices review and adjust their compensation packages on an annual basis, and all have a sharp focus on expenditure. This data will enable you to make informed decisions. It will provide you with real-life data, to ensure you stand out in a crowded marketplace. 

Benchmarking pay across wealth management

For those working outside of family offices, The Somers Partnership also offers data on compensation across the wealth management sector, through our wealth management industry compensation survey. 

Access wealth management compensation data

Discover more about wealth management and family office salaries 

At the Somers Partnership, we are the chosen recruitment partner for family offices across the globe and leading wealth management organisations worldwide. 
If you would like to discuss recruitment, trends in family office salaries, or learn more about the impact of compensation during the recruitment process, get in touch with Mark Somers for an informal, no obligation discussion.

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