Family Office Fundamentals Audiobook

Mark Somers, Founder of the Somers Partnership narrates his new book Family Office Fundamentals: Human Capital Matters in this audiobook. Listen to Mark as he guides you through creating, staffing and future-proofing your family office.

Containing knowledge and insight from 50 contributors across the global family office ecosystem, this book is an essential read for Principals and the people who work for them. It includes thoughts on the following key topics:

•   Setting up a family office

•   Family office structures and governance

•   Recruiting the right people

•   Neurodiversity in family offices

•   Compensation trends

Family Office Fundamentals provides an unrivalled insight into how to set up and run a successful family office for generations to come, through the lens of Human Capital.

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The cover of the Family Office Fundamentals: Human Capital Matters book.

This book is also available in hardback.

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Simon Foster

Over the 25 years I have been involved in the Family Office World their role in the global economy and business environment has grown dramatically.  However they are often shrouded in secrecy and generally misunderstood, even by the wider finance community.

It is fantastic to see the quality research and in depth insights into our sphere conducted by Mark and his team.  A great job!

It is impossible to run any company without people.  Too many column inches on Family Offices focus on the investing side ignoring the people side and what really happened under the covers.  Generally, this is far more important than simple investing returns.

An excellent publication.

Prof. Dr. Marc-Michael Bergfeld

“Mark and his co-authors, as well as all the experts that provided their time and expertise, have developed a piece that will be invaluable for many families that set-up, further develop or even prepare for a re-birth of their Family Office for the Next Generation.
As the great wealth transfer is in full swing, the Family Office industry is becoming a rather crowded place, and not all that are providing services in the field have the genuine interest of “Future. Families. First” at heart.

Hence, a deep dive into the topics of this book will not only empower building better Family Offices, it can also prevent a lot of harm, to families, capital and long-term prosperity.

One of our favorite quotes from the principal of a SFO in the Middle East is: “Capital is a Catalyst for Character!” – Thus, Family Offices, per definition, are a representation of the character of global Family Capital.

May this book help Business Families around the globe build Family Offices that can have positive impact on family relationships, effect positive change by the capital they deploy, build stability for future generations and provide prosperity that bears in mind the entrepreneurial Families themselves, as well as all the stakeholder around them.”

Simon R. Minder

"The book in front of you truly lives up to its title and contains the fundamental knowledge to successfully set up a family office.

It was a great pleasure for me to contribute to this very important piece of work, which serves as a guide for every family to establish their own family office, to get to know the different forms of family offices better and to be capable to evaluate their advantages and disadvantages.

The publication is ground-breaking, as it also includes the topic of staffing, selection, and compensation, and contains useful advice and recommendations in this regard. In an age where it is increasingly difficult to find and retain talented personnel, it is imperative for families to be able to address this issue thoroughly.

Thus, the book is a must-read for every family, family officer and family office advisor to master the heroic task of setting up a new family office, optimising existing family offices and ensuring their continued existence in the long term.

Mark and his team have succeeded in guiding the reader through a challenging subject matter using illustrative examples and case studies. Congratulations to the author and his team."

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